In order to inspire our leaders of the future it is critical to teach them a GRIT mindset, be positive in their words and their behaviors, and to help them transition from girls to confident young women.  Simply said we want to help every girl know that they are uniquely designed to be just them and help them strive to be at their BEST and have FUN during the journey.  The non-profit started in 2016 and was designed to be accessible to all girls at a low-cost and formatted in a way that they build new relationships, learn new things, and have a place to grow.  Statistics show that girls who play sports have higher self esteem, better grades, higher graduation rates and are less likely to be depressed.  However with these great benefits participation in sports is declining every year.  Our goal is to change that, because we know and understand the benefits of sports for girls starting at an early age.  We focus on each girls setting her own goals, creating plans to Improve, and learning how to use support and give support to teammates as they pursue being their very BEST!

Our Objectives:
1. Teach every girls to give Her BEST Effort in Everything she does
2. Build Fundatemental Sports Skills 
3. Promote Life skill development: Teamwork, Respect, Responsibility
4. Build diverse relationships, with a balance of positive male & female role models
5. Have FUN!

Who We Serve:

We serve girls entering 4th-12th grade in in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  The Girls with GRIT youth program (4th-8th grade) is focused on teaching sports fundamentals and building confidence for girls entering 4th- 8th grade.  The High School Program is currently only offered for basketball and is focused on building leaders, captains and well balanced student athletes.  Each program has multiple touchpoints to enable the staff to build relationships and make an enjoying impact in the students life. 

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Coach Kim Corbitt 

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Words from our Founder

About Girls with Gritcc

Building Confidence in girls through SPORTS

​​Girls with GRITcc 

I was inspired to start a camp more focused on the fundamentals of girls basketball because the participation in girls sports is decreasing, and especially in basketball.  I grew up in Albany, NY and started playing basketball recreationally outside at the park and through my after school program.  I played because I loved the game and I had three older brothers, but I didn't start learning the true fundamentals until I attended my first camp at 12 years old which equipped me with the tools I needed to utilize basketball to open so many doors for me.  As a former college athlete and a former coach, playing basketball has been a tremendous enabler in helping me find a career in business by teaching me responsibility, teamwork, commitment and most of old building my confidence to be a strong woman.    The commitment of coaches who donated their time to let a kid like me have a chance will never be forgotten and was of significant value.  This camp was created to INSPIRE girls to continue to learn and play the sports as well as help them continue to develop the key fundamentals of respect, responsibility, confidence and team work at such a critical time in their development.  If you're passionate about our mission please come be a part and volunteer to be apart of the change! #IAMMYBEST

Coaching History:

  • Cincinnati Public Schools Basketball Director 2017- Present
  • USA Basketball Certified Coach 2016- Present
  • Head Coach Withrow Girls Basketball Coach 2012-2016. Coach of the Year in '13 & '14 
  • University of Maine  Assistant Coach 2005-2006,
  • Purdue University Graduate Assistant 2007-2009, 
  • Mount Notre Dame High School 2009-2010

Education/Corporate Experience:

  • University of Maine, Biological Engineering 2001- 2005,  Purdue University, MBA 2007-2009
  • VWR International, Sales Representative 2006-2007
  • Procter & Gamble, Human Resources 2009- 2016
  • The Hillman Group, Chief Human Resources Officer 2017- Present